E-Reader VS Paper.


Ah, yes…the debate that rages on between the traditionalists and the techies.  Despite being a traditionalist myself and wanting to always have paper between my fingers, I am finding that I have had to straddle the great gulf of this debate with care.  As a traditionalist and a writer I prefer walking into a bookstore, browsing for hours, and walking out with a few new books to devour the minute I get home. However, as a person on the go like most people in today’s world, I can’t deny the convenience of an e-reader. Here are my reasons for joining the dark side of e-readership.

  • Have you ever tried reading a book whilst running on the treadmill or elliptical? Unless you want to be the entertainment at the gym, it’s not a good idea.
  • It is beyond convenient to have multiple books with me at a time.  Lets face it, some books, especially hardcovers, don’t fit too well in one’s purse. If you’re a guy, there is an even bigger issue. How do you fit a book in your back pocket? The answer, an e-reader app on your smartphone.
  • Smartphones. This is my other point. Some people can’t read on their smart phones, but it doesn’t bother me.  If for some reason I am without my e-reader, which usually resides in my purse, I can just pull out my phone, sync my spot where I left off and continue to read. When I return  to my e-reader it syncs back up.
  • Book marks.  I’m sure my family is glad that I am not using odds and ends that I find for book marks: scrap paper, utensils, toys, etc.
  • Travel. Seriously, if this is not the best reason then I don’t know what is.  Once again the convenience of having multiple books on your person is unbeatable. The days of packing a suitcase of books for a trip is behind us, which is good since airlines are now charging for extra bags and weight.

The only aspect of having an e-reader on a trip that I don’t like is that I have so many books that need to be read preventing me from going to the two bookstores at the little beach town I’m in and buying what I want.  I did buy one that I will need as research on another book I’m going to write because I want to be able to scribble and highlight in it.  Despite enjoying the convenience of my e-reader, as a traditionalist I will still go out and buy hard copies of most the books on it, which is good news for the publishing industry. My goal is to have a full library with a book ladder in my home someday.

What do you guys think? Do you prefer e-readers over print books? Why?


5 thoughts on “E-Reader VS Paper.

  1. I personally don’t think e-readers will ever take over print. There is something to be said for having a real book in your hands, the smell of books, etc. People out there, even ones that own e-readers will always want a paper book. I worked for Barnes and Noble for almost 5 years up until and accident I was in earlier this year and I can honestly say I don’t think e-readers will ever replace books. E-readers are really only good for big readers and kids. If a person only reads a book for class or only reads 1 or 2 books a year an e-reader is not worth the expense, unless they buy a tablet, but that’s another argument. We had people who come into the store with their e-readers and still buy paper books. I have an e-reader and I love it. It’s perfect for traveling or out as its lighter and doesn’t take up as much space, place the convenience of being able to buy a book no matter where you are. But there is also something to be said for having a book in your hand and seeing it sitting on a bookshelf after you’ve read it. I love my e-reader but I won’t give up real books just as I wouldn’t give up my e-reader for a real book. Each have there place.

  2. I have to admit when e-readers first came out, I wanted nothing to do with them. I love snuggling up on the couch with a good book. But lately I’ve changed my tune quite a bit.

    First, there are so many FREE books that you can get only on Kindle.
    Kindle books are way cheaper most of the time.
    I can store so many more Kindle books in very little space and my room doesn’t look like a garage sale is eminent.
    I can buy some of the more erotic books (hee hee) and not have to worry about my kids or hubby finding them.
    My eyes have begun to get bad and I have to wear the stupid old lady reading glasses with a paper book. Not so with the Kindle.

    My only problem is that I don’t have a small portable device. I have the Kindle for PCs on my laptop. So the whole carrying-several-books-with-you-at-once thing doesn’t really apply. And I do still like having a paper book every now and then.
    I would like to get a small portable one but unfortunately it’s not in my budget right now. The laptop will have to do.

  3. I love real. paper. books. That being emphatically said, I cannot take a paper book into my bedroom and read it in the dark until I fall asleep. I guess I like both.

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