The comfiest of them all.


I actually told my mom, that I wanted to be buried in these shoes. Of course her response is, “Why are you telling me?  I’m going first!” Ha! Oh well, but I am serious about loving these shoes with an unhealthy passion. I have never been a sneaker person, unless I could partially hide them under long pants. Why?  I have small size 6 feet and I’m a pretty petite girl, therefore, anything that I wear that isn’t slim and streamlined instantly makes me look big and out of proportion. Sneakers have always been a problem for me in this area.  Until I found these babies, Converse Chuck Taylor Dainty. (

Despite being for sale on Converse’s website for $50, I got them on sale for $30 at Finish Line. Score!  I had already owned a pair of black and white low top Chucks, but even those made me look like I had boat feet and I really wanted something that I could wear with shorts or sun dresses. When I found these I was skeptical about how much use I was really going to get out of them. They are too low and slim to wear socks with and I feared breaking them in. Boy, was I delighted when I found out that these suckers fit like a glove and didn’t require breaking in time.  Needless to say I wear these shoes as often as I can year round.  The grey color is also nice because they go with everything (hence why grey is one of my go to fashion colors when I want to buy an expensive classic piece).

What are your favorite sneakers, and what do you wear them with?


2 thoughts on “The comfiest of them all.

  1. I would rather be barefoot my entire life than wear any shoes, really. I only own one pair of Brooks tennis shoes and only wear them when I exercise or go walking. They are really comfy, but my feet feel smothered in them!

    • Haha! The funny thing about being on vacation this week is that I feel the need to kick off my shoes at every possible opportunity…the car, the beach, the backyard, someone’s house…
      My toes are loving the freedom!!

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