The Standard.


Every girl needs a pair of shoes like these. Whether they are closed toe or peep toe, a good pair of black stilettos are essential in every girl’s closet.  Much like the little black dress they are classic and will never go out of style. Although you can’t see it in the picture these actually have an ankle strap, which I need on all of my heels because otherwise the shoe will slide off my skinny ankle. Also, the platform bottom is, for me, the second most comfortable stiletto (or high heel to wear). The first being a wedge.  Even though my mom says platform style shoes look like “stripper”shoes the extra material under the toes really helps in taking the pressure of the toes. Since I have delicate feet that hurt easily its nice to be able to wear a sexy heel without killing my feet. What’s do you think the best high heel style of shoe is for comfort? Does anyone have a favorite brand?

I also love that these shoes were only $20 at Forever 21.


4 thoughts on “The Standard.

  1. High heels and comfort don’t fit it the same sentence to me. I used to have to wear them to work every day and walk miles in them so now that I don’t HAVE to, I don’t wear them often. My favorite pair are Via Spiga, but I dream of someday have a pair of Louboutin’s!!! A girl can dream, right??

    • If I want comfort and height (I need it being a shorty with a tall man) then I go for the wedge. However, sometimes you just need a nice pair of CFM heels to make you feel like a sexy bad ass. 😉 That being said, I think whenever I get my first big book check I will definitely be rewarding myself with a pair of Louboutins!! (That’s my dream too!)

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