I am SHERlocked.


I don’t have the dust cover for this book, so I had to open it for the picture, but I absolutely love the illustrations done in it. I’ve seen various portrayals of Sherlock Holmes on the screen anywhere from Jeremy Brett in the 80s, to Robert Downey Jr., to Benedict Cumberbatch, to Johnny Lee Miller, and I’ve enjoyed all of them.  Sherlock is indeed a classic character that, no matter how many adaptations he goes through will always be a much loved character.  Reading the stories that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle put together, is of course, so much more different and magical in so many ways compared to the shows.  I love how Doyle portrays Holmes’ frenetic energy and Watson’s idolatry of his friend.  I also thought it was interesting how the first “adventure”, as the chapters are called, begins with “A Scandal in Bohemia” and with that story Watson and Sherlock are already friends, but separated.  Watson has already married and moved out which is something I’m not used to when it comes to watching the show. Most shows start with Watson and Sherlock still living together.  I have not read the entire series, but it seems as though the book is written from Watson’s point of view as he looks back on previous “adventures.”

Has anyone read the entire book and can tell me if how they met and what their relationship was like before Watson married is in any of the “adventures”?

Which actors do you think portray Holmes and Watson the best? Do you like the “Elementary” version with Watson being played by Lucy Liu?


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