Of Poetry and Wine!

Of Poetry and Wine!

I only took a picture of the wine because the label said “Of Poetry and Roses” and I’m a sucker for good marketing…also the wine was delish.
However,I have a shameful confession to make. I grew up using books to escape the reality of my “super fun childhood,” however aside from nursery rhymes and Shel Silverstien I never really got into poetry. In fact even when I got my undergrad in English I avoided poetry like the plague. Shocking…I know. Why did I have such an aversion to poetry? I think it was partially because a lot of times I just didn’t get much out of it, but the reality was because I have zero patience. You need patience for poetry. You can’t just fly through it. You need to slowly sip it like a fine wine and ingest it deep into the very fiber of your being to truly get it. (Of course this is only possible with truly good poetry). Hence the two books featured in this photo. The top one is the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. He was introduced to me by a good friend and a poetry afficianado. Despite some of his words being lost in translation the raw visceral, yet earthy poetry survives and quickly goes to work on your tear ducts and heart leaving you breathless in awe for more. The second book is “The Best Poems of the English Language” by Harold Bloom. Bloom is an American literary critic and professor of Humanities at Yale. The advantage of this comprehensive anthology is that the professor educates the reader on the art of reading poetry, and gives an explanation for his high standards in choosing “The Best Poems of the English Language.” You,of course, do not have to agree with his methods, but it is interesting to see how someone, who has spent so long studying the genre, views it. Finally, he also gives introductions and analysis to the authors and poetry he features. Overall, I think these two books (and wine) are a good start to my poetry education.


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