The Return of the Ring.

The Return of the Ring.

One to rule them….ok, fine I’ll stop while I’m ahead! In all seriousness I got a nose ring for my 30th birthday last year and while I loved it, it was also a pain in the arse. It was always sore and I was constantly getting friction bubbles that I mistook for keloids. So, I was wary to get it done again. However, the piercer that I went to this time gave me better advice on how to handle things. He said that keloids are actually scar tissue and you can’t get rid of those. Friction bubbles you can get rid of and some people are more predisposed to get them than others. He did tell me an easy way to get rid of them. If you crush up aspirin and mix it into a paste with water, it will drain the fluid. He said not to do it in the first month because it can be harsh on the healing process, but they will generally go away in 3 days. The reason my first nose ring didn’t make it was because less than a year after having it I had to remove it for a surgery and forgot to get a plastic retainer for it. By the time I got home a few hours later to put it back in, it had closed up. He said that for cartilage piercings that is especially common. It takes anywhere from 1-3 years, depending on the person, for you to be able to go without something. Even then, it may only be for a few hours. Lesson learned! I think this time will be better!


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