Owl are you?

Owl are you?

I have never really been into any one particular thing that I have always wanted to collect. You know how some people (usually girls) like wolves, or turtles, or butterflies. So,everyone knows that if you get that person something with that particular animal you have instantly won gift points. I’ve never been that way. There has never been one thing I really like. Until a little over a year ago for some reason I decided I like owls. I think I’ve always liked them for the same reason I like most predatory animals. They are gorgeous to look at but completely bad-ass (like me…haha!). They are also nocturnal, which I kind of am myself. I am soooo not a morning person! Of course once I decided this and became vocal about it, I noticed that they were becoming trendy in fashion and design. Now there are bloody hooters everywhere! I have a few in my home on some shelves, but I still haven’t sprung for any jewelry. I saw these earrings at Target and I have to admit they are the prettiest ones I’ve seen yet.
What is your go-to symbol or animal? (I’m also obsessed with anything that has a fleur-de-lis on it…not sure why!)


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