Fashion’s hottest summer color!! Punkin???



Ok, so the name doesn’t really describe the color very accurately, in my opinion, but I do think the color is pretty fun for the summer.  I only use polish in the summer and only on my toes.  I’ve always felt that naked toes are kind of gross…not sure why…. (noticeably chipped ones are even worse!!)

I usually only use a light pink, or purple, or a pearl color.  Something that won’t be too noticeable when it chips (hey, I’m cheap and do my own pedicures!)  I figured a little walk on the wild side is in order every now and then…so I went with it.  Needless to say this is as wild as I’m gonna get!

Girls, what’s your favorite color?

Guys, is there a color you hate seeing on a girl? Do you think painted toes are gross compared to naked ones?


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