Pick Yer Poison…

Pick Yer Poison...

If I had to pick a favorite beverage it would be tea. Not sweet tea that most of the people here in TX drink that has more sugar than liquid (hey we don’t have cities with some of the fattest people per capita for nuthin’), but usually some kind of herbal tincture that rarely has any real tea in it. My favorite is an infusion of lavender and rosebuds…that’s it, but it does wonders for relaxation (better than a Prozac in my opinion). I do like green teas, but due to the caffeine usually can’t drink it every day, unless I want an anxiety attack along with it. So, you are probably wondering why I have this oolong tea, here, that has more caffeine than green tea. Well, like with most things I like I often make justification for doing what I want regardless of how I’m going to pay for it later! While we were at Cannon Beach, OR two weeks ago, there was a coffee shop that had a Mandarin Silk Oolong tea and it blew my mind it was so delicious!! I didn’t realize how much caffeine was in it until the third day of drinking it as my orders got progressively bigger. Then I had to cut my self off. 😦 Ever since then, however I have been obsessed with oolongs and have enjoyed trying a couple of different ones out. Unlike green teas, oolongs have a really mild flavor, so whatever other flavors are added to it, in this case peach, you really get to enjoy them.

One of my favorite things to do is drink some tea, in a hot bath, with a book. Which means you are probably going to see me talking a lot about different teas here…you’ve been warned!

Does anyone else like teas? What’s your favorite?

(And yes, my Christmas wishlist this year includes a real tea-set…did I mention I think that I was born in the wrong country?)


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