TBT 1920’s style!

TBT 1920's style!

Now you have that song stuck in your head, don’tcha? Haha!

I didn’t realize I had so many 1920’s style looks! The top to hair pieces are from Claire’s. The headband doesn’t get worn often, because it slides off my head, but it is cute. The feathers were worn at my sister-in-law’s wedding a few winters ago. I had longer hair then, that I attempted to put into one of those fake finger wave bobs the celebs always do. Yeah, without a professional hairdresser…major fail!

The hat, I found at a Juicy Couture (or as my brother-in-law calls it Juicy Cooter) store. Even though it doesn’t fit well, especially after chopping my long hair off, I had to buy it. I think it was the Yankee Doodle like feather that did me in. Perhaps this is more 1940’s than 20’s, but it’s still a fun look.

Does anyone else have a favorite decade they like to integrate into their wardrobe? If so, send pics! (Yeah, even the unsuccessful ones!)


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