Carly says relax…

Carly says relax...

At the end of a long hard day some people will grab their favorite alcoholic drink and plop themselves in front of the tube so they can turn their brains off.

Me? Well, I prefer the intoxicating (but healthy) combination of a relaxing tea, a hot bath (with bubbles or lavender scented bath salts), candles, and a good book.

Why? Because, believe me, this combination will have you feeling like you just polished off a whole bottle of wine or a six pack (whatever sinks your ship) without the hangover the next morning (and the extra pounds). I usually walk out of the tub feeling like a very floral smelling marshmallow. Its the best wind down method I have ever experienced.

What are your favorite wind down methods?

If you decide to try this, be warned *DRINK LOTS OF WATER!!* Otherwise you’ll be a very relaxed marshmallow with a killer headache. A hot bath will make you detox (good) but that process also produces headaches (not so good).


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