Now that’s Rock-n-Roll!

Now that's Rock-n-Roll!

Ok, there are several things I want to discuss with this post and since it’s a lot and very opinionated I want to be organized, so here goes:

1) I hate pilfering photos that aren’t mine to use on my blog. I know its a big no-no in the blogging world and I honestly do feel bad about it, but its hard to do a fashion blog without it. That being said, if you click on the image it will take you directly to where this image is from.

2) I like watching award shows only for the fashion. (Actually, I usually wait until the next day when the photos are released so I can look at them at my leisure, and not have to listen to the cringe worthy question the over enthusiastic interviewers ask.) However, when someone mentions anything that has to do with MTV/musicians/red carpet/fashion I just groan and roll my eyes. It’s just an equation that does not add up. I think the only purpose behind anything anyone wears at these award shows is to show that they are the most ridiculous looking person on the planet. That’s it.

3) The above assessment is hardly proven wrong, like ever, until a few nights ago. Selena Gomez shocked the piss out of me when she rolled up to the red carpet wearing the above dress fresh from the Atelier Versace Fall 2013 Couture line.
HELLS YEAH BABY! Now that is rock-n-roll!!

4) I absolutely love the concept and almost every single ensemble that walked down the runway for Versace’s Atelier Fall 2013 line. I loved the fact that this is something fresh, raw, gritty, and…most importantly needed in the fashion world….original. The natural, and sometimes unnatural, seams of the outfits that came down the runway are almost all covered in tiny little clasps, that from a distance, looks to me almost like the embroidery one would see on a matador’s costume. In fact, some of the sharp shoulders portrayed also reminded me of their bolero jackets. That is just one aspect that makes this line so fun, the others are the peek-a-boo corsets and see through lace designs underneath the carefully peeled back layers.

Ok, I honestly could go on and on about how much I love this particular line and how gobstruck I am that a musician, especially a young one like Gomez, could completely knock the bad ass rock-n-roll look out of the park, while still looking stunningly elegant. Kudos, chica, kudos.


2 thoughts on “Now that’s Rock-n-Roll!

  1. I absolutely adore this dress too. Skimming through the images from the awards show, I had to just stop and stare. Incredible mix of rock-n-roll and elegance.

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