The Oggl Effect.

The Oggl Effect.

While at Cannon Beach this summer, my brother in law introduced me to this new camera app called Hipstamatic. Apparently it enabled you to choose from old film styles, lenses, and flashes. The look that was created from these various combinations was astounding. Even though it only comes with three each and you had to buy the other packs it was still worth it for the quality of photos I was able to take with my phone. I only had a few issues with it.

1) The frame for the app was tiny.
2) You can’t focus.
3) You can’t turn the camera on the app around for selfies.
4) You had to choose your combination of film, lens, and flash before you took the picture. Once the picture was taken that was it.

Still, I experimented with it and was coming up with better pictures than our DSLR was producing. Then, I signed up for Hipstamatic’s social media sharing site. This proved to be an even better option. You still have the same choices, but now the frame was larger, you could turn the camera around, and there were more focusing possibilites.

Then…BONUS!! For $2.99 for 3 months or $9.99 for the year you could become a member and have access to ALL of their lenses and films. This is the absolute best deal of all. They have at least 50 different lenses and films to choose from (sorry I don’t have an exact number, but they did just add a few new ones.) The combination and effects are endless….and, best of all they have made some improvements to the camera feature allowing you to crop,focus, change the equipment used on the pictures taken with Oggl or from your camera file on your phone.

Sharing with the program is also beyond simple. You just hit the sharing icon and can post your pic to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumbler, Foursquare, and Flicker with a press of an icon. Of course when you post to any of these sites the picture also gets posted to Oggl’s feed where people can like your picture, follow your feed, and even curate your photo to put in their feed (kinda like a re-tweet).

Oggl and Hipstamatic definitely get my vote for favorite phone app. The pictures and affects are incredible and they are constantly improving it. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

Does anyone else have a favorite phone app?


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