Unfounded woes.

Unfounded woes.

Ok, so when I was in Target yesterday I had one of those “You’ve got to be kidding me!” moments when I saw the boots in the lower picture.

I searched high and low for these boots last season when my cousin’s wife found a kid’s sized Timberland pair with shearling instead of cloth. They were so “OMIGosh cute!”

I trolled countless shoe stores online and in my city and could not find the bastards anywhere. They were either out of stock, not in my size, or had the zipper on the side. I wanted it in the back so I could fold down the tops easily.
Nobody had them!

Then, I found the same ones she had bought on Amazon through a UK retailer. I saved them in my cart until I could have a chance to look up a comparison between kid and adult sizes. Before I got around to it, though my man found them in the cart the next day and decided to surprise me with them. (Awww, ain’t he special?)
Of course, unbeknownst to him the size was wrong. Ooops! So, they ended up being too big and it would have cost more than they were worth to send them back across the pond.


The search continued until I found these Steve Madden ones. Of course by then boot season had ended with the onset of sweltering humidity and high temps…thanks Texas.

So, as I’m sure you can imagine, after ALL of THAT, to see almost the exact same boots as the Steve Madden ones being sold in Target stores for half of what I paid for them….yeah….groan….

I dare you to top my fashion mis-adventure!


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