Love it or Leave it?

Love it or Leave it?

It seems as if this mullet style for clothes is everywhere now. I definitely think its a love or hate thing for most people. If its on the bottom like this skirt or for a dress I’m inclined to go for it because I’m a short 5’2″ and can use all the help I can get at not tripping over my skirts.

However, that being said, I’m not a fan of my shirts having this party in the front, business in the back style. With my curvy shape I need something with a nipped in waist which most shirts with this style don’t have…otherwise I instantly gain 10 pounds!

What do you guys think? Love it or leave it? Top or bottom?

Skirt is from Target.


2 thoughts on “Love it or Leave it?

  1. I am the commanding officer of the “leave it” camp. It’s not that I despise the style; I don’t like it (especially as a shirt, egad!), but it doesn’t keep me up fuming at night. I’m just annoyed that it is so insanely popular that it’s nigh impossible to find a *normal* dress or skirt. It’s even worse when I see a really cute fabric, except that it is in this unflattering-on-me style.

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