Fall In.

I know most people are talking about the fashion shows going on for Spring 2014, right now, but since I’m not thoroughly entrenched in the fashion industry, to where I need to report on it, there is no point for me to do so. Why? Well because Fall is upon us and what we will be seeing popping up in stores is trends that came down the aisle during the Fall shows. Even though there are different type of shows: couture, ready to wear, pre fall, and resort, I’m only going to be focusing on ready to wear (RTW) because it is the variations of these styles that we are most likely to see in the stores at us normal people shop at.

So, what are the biggest trends that I saw? There are many, and I’m not going to lie and said that I looked at every single show in every single city, but in the above gallery I thought I would point out the trends that stood out to me the most.

One, a lot of designers seem to be infatuated with the idea of playing with structure and the idea of deconstruction in an entirely new way. Instead of frayed unfinished edges, exposed seams, or weathered fabrics they are peeling back layers like in the Prada collection. you have flaps of fabric hanging down, to reveal something else underneath. This is much like the idea behind the dress Selena Gomez wore to the MTV awards that I was gaga for. I like the cleverness behind the design, because it can be either naughty or nice, depending on what’s revealed.

Two, I also noticed that many of the American designers seemed to be creating a lot of silhouettes without shape, like the Phillip Lim one. They try to make it sexy by keeping the dresses and skirts very short, and adding a thigh high boot, or shoe (they want us to be sexy hookers without freezing out legs off…thanks). In order to distract you from the boring shapes, the designers seem to go crazy with textured pieces. Hey, we have to encourage getting cozy somehow…I look like a lump, but when you pet my furry belly, you’ll feel my figure underneath all this bulk. Or, perhaps the designers are choosing this silhouette so the patrons with ever increasing waist sizes wear them.

Third, sleeves. I loved Prada’s gently rolling bell sleeves, and Carolina Herrera’s delicate puffed ones. There were a lot of interesting sleeves out there, but these where my favorites.

Finally, you know the mullet style that has been so popular lately? It looks as though designers are mixing that with the asymmetrical hemline. You still have one side longer than the other, however it is no longer subtle. Oh, and I love the clever hem turned pockets on the Chanel coats.



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