Emmy Curves

It’s really sad when out of all the Emmy pics from tonight I can only pick out 4 for my personal “best dressed” list.  I know my opinion counts for little in this matter, but honestly what is up with the lackluster vibe of the fashion and faces at the Emmys tonight?  Was no one happy to be there?  It was as if everyone was either expecting to lose or were told “not to smile” (maybe they are practicing their next drivers license photos?).  It seemed like hardly anyone was smiling. (At least in all of the photos from Yahoo news.)

However, what is not sad is that 2 of my 4 pics are some of the curviest girls in the industry. I absolutely love Sophia Vegara and Christina Hendricks’ curves.  Those girls are incredibly stunning!  I think being able to fill out your dress in all the right places is spectacular.

Christina is wearing Christian Siriano, which if memory serves me is one of her favorite designers.  I love that he used delicate layers of lace to soften the best curves this girl has to offer from her shoulders to her hips. I also love the contrast of the satin ribbon across her waist and the tulle mixed in with the fabric of her train. Lastly, I love the emerald colored jewelry she chose to pair with the outfit.  Most people would have gone with either diamonds, onyx, or ruby, but I like that she did the emerald.  It was a nice surprise.

Sophia Vegara is wearing Vera Wang and although she almost blends in with the carpet at her feet the sexy lace number hugging her curves more than makes up for it.  Not only is this mermaid style one of the best for her body, (and she must know it because she often wears it) but I love how Wang gave the dress an interesting feature with the corset/peplum style belt around the waist. Even though I liked Christina’s emerald jewelry I wouldn’t have gone there with this dress.  I would have done sapphire instead.

If I was going to wear red on the red carpet I would have definitely gone with a red like Kaley Cuoco’s.  The beautiful merlot color doesn’t clash or blend with the carpet and the unique design courtesy of Vera Wang definitely makes the dress stand out.  I’m not sure if both Cuoco’s dress and Vegara’s is from the same line, I highly doubt it, however the unique differences of the two dresses prove to me what a talented designer Wang is.  One is all sensual elegance, the other is artfully rebellious.  I think both fit the women they are worn by very well.  I love the corseted top of Cuoco’s dress that mixes sheer with full coverage, the garter style waist, and the deconstructed dress hiding in plain view of the sheer skirt.  Everything about this dress is perfect, and—above all—it fits Kaley’s body.  That is the one thing I don’t understand about the women who walk down the red carpet. These women spend so much money on preparing to walk down the red carpet.  They work out, diet, detox, spend a day in the spa, primp, buy an expensive dress and shoes and their dress doesn’t even fit their bodies properly. What gives?

As for Sophia Coppola, yes she is skinnier, but she isn’t a scary toothpick.  I think she did something very interesting with her dress, by picking something that actually added curves to her body through creative layering.   Like a lot of the dresses of the night hers is just one shade, and where others failed at using a monochromatic color to highlight interesting structure in an artful way, hers succeeded.  I couldn’t find out who designed her dress, but once again I applaud the young lady for choosing something exquisite and beautiful that fit her body.  I just wouldn’t have gone with matching shoes. A pop of color—coral maybe—would have been much more interesting.

Photos for Vegara, Hendricks, and Coppola are courtesy of http://tv.yahoo.com

Cuoco’s photo is from style.com


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