My Conquering Boots.

My Conquering Boots.

Two winters ago I went to my brother in law’s wedding in Lake Tahoe. One of his best friend’s girlfriend was wearing a pair of Sorel boots and I instantly fell in love. They were like hardcore rain boots, but hellla sexy. What?? How is that possible?

I wished, right then and there for the first time that I was living in a place where it was always rainy and/or snowy so I could buy a pair of these boots and rock the hell out of them.

However, I live in Houston. It DOES NOT get cold enough to justify buying a pair of super awesome, cozy, $200 pair of boots. Yes, when it rains here, it usually floods…the deluges are insane…but it is still 90+ degrees with 500% humidity during the rain. Also, it can be bright and sunny one minute, raining cats and dogs the next, and then bright and sunny again. Hell, it can be bright and sunny AND rain AT THE SAME TIME!!!
I’ve seen it!

So, even though I used to hate living in Seattle, because it was always cold and rainy. For these boots, I would gladly do it again.


Well, whadya know? They named these boots after me!

These babies are The Conquering Carly. An apt name for boots named after me, if I do say so myself! Do you think they would send me a free pair if I promise to continue conquering while wearing them?


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