Twitter Networking is like “Whoa”!

I have to admit I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with social media and when I first joined Twitter back in January (and Instagram) I was a bit nervous for two reasons.

One, when I post things on FB to my “friends” and family no one replies…like hardly ever. When I do get a comment it is usually the same one or two people. So, I’m thinking, “Ok, obviously I am really boring, why join other social media sites?”

Two, I was unprepared and daunted by the task of saying something interesting in only 140 characters. As a writer I chaffed at the restriction.

However, because I have a book coming out soon (tomorrow, in fact…wink…wink…nudge) I decided I better hop on the bandwagon. (I also hated the fact that I felt obligated to do it in order to get exposure for my book, because honestly there really is no other way. The publisher will help some, but in this over saturated market, its not enough.)

Sooooo I eventually buckled and joined. I’m still getting the same effect that I do on FB whenever I tweet whatever is on my mind…dead silence…


I also got something unexpected. An amazing way to network in the writing industry and become a part of a community.
I have met so many amazing people who are writers, editors, and agents that have been very helpful and encouraging, all through Twitter. Since writing is such an isolated profession at times I kind of see these people as mentors and colleagues. (Of course, since they don’t have to see my face every day…I’m less likely to annoy them by asking too many questions…I’m a curious girl)

The past #MSWL that occured last week was brilliant because it gave me a chance to see what agents are looking for and meet other authors in my genre. Also, one of the authors will be hosting an adult version of #pitmad so I will have the opportunity to meet agents who may be interested in my book. I would have never had either of these opportunities without twitter (unless I went to a conference and then I would have had to rely on my social skillzzzz….erm…not good!)

So, despite my sometimes annoyance at realizing that I’m not as witty as I wish I was. I am really grateful for Twitter for broadening my horizons and allowing me to network the introvert way.



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