Interestingly Casual

Interestingly Casual

I love men’s fashion as much as I love women’s fashion.  In fact, if I were to ever be a designer I think I would prefer to design for men more than women. Why? Well, because to the casual observer they have fewer options, but when you really look into men’s style you see that they have sooooo much more!


With this outfit, I absolutely love how the jacket makes it dressy enough for a nice night out, but the rest of the outfit keeps the wearer relaxed and casual. (See a girl would have to change her hair, make-up, jewelry, shoes, etc. just to achieve the same goal—guys have it so easy!)


I also love the sunglasses, because they are unique and make for an interesting conversation piece, although I will say that not everyone can pull those babies off!



6 thoughts on “Interestingly Casual

  1. That is true, guys do have it easy. A blazer makes them look so nice, somehow. Lol. Actually I illustrated some Uniqlo stuff, including 2 guys. I know, slightly unfortunate, but guys are a bit harder to draw. Anyway, do check it out The Uniqlo Project. I look forward to your fashion posts!

      • Thanks so much for liking the post! It means a lot. Yeah I really want to learn sewing during the holidays. Parents would only allow fashion as a hobby ;p Are you studying currently?

      • No, not anymore. I took two years of it and then switched to English. That is what my degree is in. I love studying it, or designing it, but I’m terrible at drawing and sewing. It requires patience I don’t have. 🙂 It looks like you’ve got the talent, though…if you love it, you should go for it! 🙂

      • Oh cool! English is kind of but not really my first language, so I admire anyone who took English studies. I’m still figuring out what my passion is career-wise =$ Thanks for the encouragement! ^_^

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