Parting is such sweet…mmmm…nah…

Parting is such sweet...mmmm...nah...

I was never the kid that had a special stuffed animal or blanket that I couldn’t function without. I’m not sure why, but I’ve never really formed an attachment to material things. Sure, I’m bummed if something nice gets ruined, but I’m not really very sentimental with…stuff…

However, this ratty old sweater, from American Eagle’s Arie line is probably as close as I got to holding on to something ferociously.

As you can see its pretty old, there is a gaping hole in one shoulder, and the fabric is pilly. I’ve had it for probably eight years or so, which is a long time for me, and I loved it because it was always comfortable, easy to slip on, went with many things, and…most importantly….had two very big pockets that were easily accessible. It kind of became my house coat in a way. Since I live in a really hot place where every interior is kept to below freezing to over compensate for the ridiculous heated humidity of outside, this sweater was perfect. I also loved the high collar that kept my neck warm.

As of now, though, I am going to have to reluctantly discard it. Why? Well, besides being the perfect, lounge around the house sweater, it has gone from super soft and cozy to itchy. Not exactly sure why…

Now, I’m on the hunt for a new cozy house sweater…something with cashmere perhaps…

Do you have a favorite piece of clothing that you can’t live without?


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