My favorite Halloween read.

My favorite Halloween read.

Ok, I will admit that I’m not a big “horror” reader, but out of the ones that I have read, this is my favorite.

The book is kind of old, it was published in 1991, by Susan Kay, and is called “Phantom.” The reason I love this book so much is that even though it is a re-telling of the story of “The Phantom of the Opera” it is not only better than the original, but it takes the story to an entirely different level than any other version has.

What makes this book so special? Well, first it tells the story of “The Phantom” from the day of his birth and it starts from his mother’s point of view. It only covers the first 9 years of his life and then it switches to his point of view for the next 3 years. The story goes on in this way, switching from different points of view from the people who were closest to him for a few years before switching back to him. This gives the story a 3D experience to me.

I absolutely love watching a character, like his, progress and go on a journey. He wasn’t perfect, and at times was a villain, but that is what turns him into such is extremely fascinating character to watch. There are plenty of cringe worthy moments when you know that what just happened is going to have a cataclysmic effect on the characters involved.

The horror of this story is not just some of its gruesome scenes or even its psychological twists. No one gets a happy ending, and it is truly a book to keep you awake at night thinking of your own inner demons.

What is your favorite Halloween read?


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