A Nerdy Accessory Turns Chic.

I’m not going to lie, I am completely thrilled with the fact that glasses, over the past few years, have become “fashionable” to wear again. Even though I would love to get laser surgery on my eyes and I do normally wear contacts its nice to have the option of giving my eyes a rest with a pair of glasses.

Of course, when I got my first pair of glasses in 5th grade, it was not cool, and there was no way around it. You were promptly labeled “four eyes” and this just added another target on your back. (I had several that included braces, a very unflattering pixie cut, and Goodwill clothes that my step-mom made me wear.)

In high school I even went as far as doing without glasses and being blind until I could finally convince my mom to let me get contacts. (Oh the stories I could tell of talking to a guy I thought was cute until he go A LOT closer!!)

I honestly don’t think glasses became cool until the past year or so where it seems everyone wears them (although they are always the same thick black frames shaped like Ray Bans). When my puppy ate my old pair a few weeks ago I was bummed because I liked the ones that I had had for six years, but was kind of excited to find new ones. Shopping for glasses has gotten so much easier too, because there are more options which is important for someone like me with a pea sized head. I can only wear kid sized glasses and I don’t wan’t Hello Kitty or Barbie frames.
The ones in the picture are my new ones and fortunately only have a tiny frog on the side of the earpieces to indicate their target audience.

Overall, thanks to larger online retailers that will actually ship glasses to you to try on at home, shopping for glasses is no longer a nightmare. Also, I can let my nerd side show a little more now without the stigma of the “four eyes” label. (I’m still baffled at how being smart can be used as an insult, but ok…)

Can you guys think of any other accessories that people used to be made fun of, but are now considered cool or fashionable?


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