Costume Lessons Learned

As a kid I was not allowed to celebrate the “devil’s holiday” that is Halloween, but as an adult I can do what I want and celebrate “the day to dress up as someone else for fun and get a sugar high” that is Halloween.

I only just started over the past three years to wear costumes because I had an actual party to go to. Two years ago I was a flapper girl and I learned from that costume to always check an itty bitty dress for a side zipper before you struggle into it (feeling like a stuffed sausage in the process), and don’t be surprised if your “fake bob” that you pinned up with your long hair falls down half way through the night. (Damn fine hair!)

Last year I went as a pre-games Katniss.  I had no issues with that costume, because it was easy and comfortable. However, I did learn that if you just bought a new DSLR, don’t let your husband take your picture.  I took everyone else’s picture that night using the “auto” feature because I had not had time to learn how to use it properly (and…what do ya know? They turned out perfect!).   McGuyver decided to play with the settings while taking my picture so only one came out good (and I was sitting down).  Honestly the only reason it came out good was because I was showing an ample amount of cleavage and the man was focused!

Laaaaaast night’s costume was a study in torture.  The majority of the costume was borrowed from a friend, including the corset. I’ve never worn a real corset with strings, and “oh my gawd!” I should not have told my husband to lace me up as tight as he could.  I couldn’t breath for the first half hour and my ribs ached the entire 6 hours I wore it.  (I learned to really value being able to breathe easily!)

I also made sure I got a good picture, because hey….if you are going to suffer for a costume it better be documented! I also realized that I take better pictures with heavy make-up, which is not something I’m thrilled with.  Most pictures in artificial lights wash me out terribly, but apparently if I put on enough make up to make a drag queen proud I don’t look half bad.

So, there you go, friends.  Lessons learned! I’m just glad that they were not of the wardrobe malfunction variety!


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