Pre-Fall 2014 Color Trend: Burgundy

Designers are already releasing Pre-Fall 2014 collections, and what is one color trend that is already very noticeable?


“But wait,” you shriek, “that’s nearly a year away! Why should we care?”

Here’s why.  You probably won’t see a huge amount of burgundy in stores right now. There are a lot of navy blues, forest greens, blacks, and smokey grays, with a few pops of creams and soft neutrals dominating right now. However, if, when the winter clothing goes on sale (which basically happens pretty soon after Christmas in some areas), and you happen to spot something burgundy in a classic style, then guess what? Snatch that puppy up, and be ready and on trend for next fall.

Notice I did say a classic piece, right?  To make my money go farther I always pay attention to the trends that have staying power, and attempt to purchase what I can in a classic shape, so it lasts longer.  If I want something trendy that most likely will not last past a few seasons (neon or studs anyone?) then that is what Forever 21 and H&M are for.

Obviously, if we are paying attention to Pre-Fall’s color trends we can pay attention to their clothing trends, as well, right? Of course, but if it is something freshly recycled (because that is all fashion is) you are going to be hard pressed to find it in the store, now.  Depending on your price point for shopping you may have to wait until it trickles down to the Forever 21 type stores. I know I do, and thankfully that process is happening faster and faster.

Another reason why I choose to by classic pieces, when I can, is because if a color like burgundy comes into trend, I’ll want my piece to last even after the fashion world has moved on. Why? Because its a color that suits my skin tone, so even if the vast majority of people aren’t wearing it, it will always look good on me because it is flattering and classic. BOOM! (Just like those burgundy Converse—-want!)

All pictures can be found on CFDA’s Tumblr blog, here.


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