New Make-up Addiction


Like most girls, I’m a make-up monger.  I can’t answer for other girls as to why they love make-up so much, but I can at least answer why the make-up section at Target or the grocery store always sucks me in like the Bermuda Triangle.

My biggest answer is that I’m an artist.  To me, make up is paint and my face is a blank canvas that I can be creative with every morning.  Those make-up sections are a field of wild-flowers and I’m a honey bee.  I just can’t help myself…the colors are so mesmerizing!!  Even if I don’t need anything, I’ll still go look.  I hardly buy, though and often have a love/hate relationship with make-up that I can’t try on.  The stuff you can try on is at the make-up stores or counters and cost way to much, so I hardly go there either.

That is why I’m tickled at having discovered NYX Cosmetics.  They aren’t terribly new, but I’m seeing them pop up more and more, in different places.  I first got sucked in by their eye brow kits for $6, and a duo-pencil for $10 (cleverly labeled, “eyebrow push up bra”–indeed).  Recently I bought their concealer, which I know is a bit anti-climatic, but hear me out.  First, they have 12 different shades including the hard to find lavender, orange, and green.  Then, to make it even better, its only $5!  It comes in this little pot, and I can tell it will last quite a long while.  Annnndddd!!! Its not too thick or cakey!  This is important, because I’ve been trying to do the whole “no make-up” make-up look, so the last thing I want is to look like I’m wearing 10 inches of stuff on my face.  Ewwww!  If I was left on a deserted island with a hot guy and could only bring one make-up item, it would be concealer.

I’m really intrigued by their ergonomic liquid eye-liner, so I’ll be checking that out next.  I, like most girls, have been struggling heinously with the whole “cat-eye” technique.  Maybe I can finally master it! HA!

What are your favorite make-up brands?