Tantalize in Red



I was writing an article, recently, for Upscale that included this picture and I couldn’t help but be struck by the red chairs.

Now, when I was a little girl, if you asked me what my favorite color was my answer would have been “red.” But, not just any shade of red, mind you, that shade.  The shade of those chairs…the deep, rich, instantly warming shade of red that has little hint of any other color.  Primary color red, with a tantalizing layer of richness, like the thick cream that settles on top of milk when making butter.

Now days my answer has changed to purple, but after seeing the red of those chairs, I can’t help but be seduced back to the side of red.

After all, no one, and I mean no one looks bad in red.

Just look at these!  *drool*

…and, yes, I know the Marion Cotillard dress is the richest of reds, which I prefer, but beggars can’t be choosers on what one can find whilst trolling the internet…m’kay?