The Predatory Alpha Character Appeal


Ok, go ahead–get your groans and eye rolls out of the way, right now.  You finished?  Good.

For all of you who are wondering when will the vampire/werewolf character be finally retired from tv shows, television, and books–weeellll you might as well buckle up buttercup, ’cause you’re in for the long haul.  Those sexy beasties won’t be going anywhere for a long time.

What’s the appeal you might ask?  Well, because they make for the perfect–yet for obvious reasons, thanks to reality—unobtainable bad boy.  Huh, come again?

Here, let me explain.

Its common knowledge that girls like bad boys.  They always have, and they always will.  I could go on forever about the psychological reasons why, but I’m too busy staring at Kris Holden Reid’s six pack and getting lost in Ian Somerhalder’s piercing baby blues to get into all of that. (Where’s that damn paper bag again?)

Ok…I’m back…

So, as I was saying bad boys…they’re mysterious, brooding, beautiful, dark, and exciting.  Yes.  Why?  Well, because they’ll force you to walk on the wild size, rip that stick out of your ass, and in general live in the moment.  Buuuuuutttt….when life hits us with grown up responsibilities they aren’t the most reliable companions which is where most girls mess up.  They either can’t let go of the bad boy in all of his philandering, addicting, misdemeanor ways or they cut loose and marry the boy who has been in love with them since 8th grade whom they’ve had sitting patiently waiting in the friend zone. Go ahead and check–he’s still there ain’t he?  Yeah, he’s safe, and nice, and secure, and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..

Oh wait, sorry…is there something on my chin? *wipes drool*  Where were we?

Oh yes, so the predator bad boy.  He is the best of both worlds, see, because he’s wild, dark, and brooding, but those predator types are usually monogamous (depending upon the story—once they give their love to a mate there is no turning back baby), they will fight to protect you to the bitter end, aaaaannnnd because they are immortal they’ve lived long enough to have a sense of responsibility.  You don’t survive hundreds of years by being a flake.  Also, if they lived during a time when chivalry still existed, you’ll get a taste of that too.  Nice, huh?

So, that is why werewolves and vampires are such a popular choice for stories.  They’re exciting, fun, sexy and–if you’ve managed to capture their heart, dare we say dependable?  What lady wouldn’t want that?