Tantalize in Red



I was writing an article, recently, for Upscale that included this picture and I couldn’t help but be struck by the red chairs.

Now, when I was a little girl, if you asked me what my favorite color was my answer would have been “red.” But, not just any shade of red, mind you, that shade.  The shade of those chairs…the deep, rich, instantly warming shade of red that has little hint of any other color.  Primary color red, with a tantalizing layer of richness, like the thick cream that settles on top of milk when making butter.

Now days my answer has changed to purple, but after seeing the red of those chairs, I can’t help but be seduced back to the side of red.

After all, no one, and I mean no one looks bad in red.

Just look at these!  *drool*

…and, yes, I know the Marion Cotillard dress is the richest of reds, which I prefer, but beggars can’t be choosers on what one can find whilst trolling the internet…m’kay?



New Make-up Addiction


Like most girls, I’m a make-up monger.  I can’t answer for other girls as to why they love make-up so much, but I can at least answer why the make-up section at Target or the grocery store always sucks me in like the Bermuda Triangle.

My biggest answer is that I’m an artist.  To me, make up is paint and my face is a blank canvas that I can be creative with every morning.  Those make-up sections are a field of wild-flowers and I’m a honey bee.  I just can’t help myself…the colors are so mesmerizing!!  Even if I don’t need anything, I’ll still go look.  I hardly buy, though and often have a love/hate relationship with make-up that I can’t try on.  The stuff you can try on is at the make-up stores or counters and cost way to much, so I hardly go there either.

That is why I’m tickled at having discovered NYX Cosmetics.  They aren’t terribly new, but I’m seeing them pop up more and more, in different places.  I first got sucked in by their eye brow kits for $6, and a duo-pencil for $10 (cleverly labeled, “eyebrow push up bra”–indeed).  Recently I bought their concealer, which I know is a bit anti-climatic, but hear me out.  First, they have 12 different shades including the hard to find lavender, orange, and green.  Then, to make it even better, its only $5!  It comes in this little pot, and I can tell it will last quite a long while.  Annnndddd!!! Its not too thick or cakey!  This is important, because I’ve been trying to do the whole “no make-up” make-up look, so the last thing I want is to look like I’m wearing 10 inches of stuff on my face.  Ewwww!  If I was left on a deserted island with a hot guy and could only bring one make-up item, it would be concealer.

I’m really intrigued by their ergonomic liquid eye-liner, so I’ll be checking that out next.  I, like most girls, have been struggling heinously with the whole “cat-eye” technique.  Maybe I can finally master it! HA!

What are your favorite make-up brands?

Pre-Fall 2014 Color Trend: Burgundy

Designers are already releasing Pre-Fall 2014 collections, and what is one color trend that is already very noticeable?


“But wait,” you shriek, “that’s nearly a year away! Why should we care?”

Here’s why.  You probably won’t see a huge amount of burgundy in stores right now. There are a lot of navy blues, forest greens, blacks, and smokey grays, with a few pops of creams and soft neutrals dominating right now. However, if, when the winter clothing goes on sale (which basically happens pretty soon after Christmas in some areas), and you happen to spot something burgundy in a classic style, then guess what? Snatch that puppy up, and be ready and on trend for next fall.

Notice I did say a classic piece, right?  To make my money go farther I always pay attention to the trends that have staying power, and attempt to purchase what I can in a classic shape, so it lasts longer.  If I want something trendy that most likely will not last past a few seasons (neon or studs anyone?) then that is what Forever 21 and H&M are for.

Obviously, if we are paying attention to Pre-Fall’s color trends we can pay attention to their clothing trends, as well, right? Of course, but if it is something freshly recycled (because that is all fashion is) you are going to be hard pressed to find it in the store, now.  Depending on your price point for shopping you may have to wait until it trickles down to the Forever 21 type stores. I know I do, and thankfully that process is happening faster and faster.

Another reason why I choose to by classic pieces, when I can, is because if a color like burgundy comes into trend, I’ll want my piece to last even after the fashion world has moved on. Why? Because its a color that suits my skin tone, so even if the vast majority of people aren’t wearing it, it will always look good on me because it is flattering and classic. BOOM! (Just like those burgundy Converse—-want!)

All pictures can be found on CFDA’s Tumblr blog, here.

Classier Eras Inspire.

I don’t know why, but I love regiment style military jackets.  Ralph Lauren has put out a few over the past few years, and he has several more for this season. These two are my favorites. I absolutely love them!

I adore how a lot of styles have been borrowing from the Regency and Victorian Era lately and making them modern.  Here is another example, of classier eras returning to fashion in the form of boots from ModCloth.

If you could choose any era to pull from for inspiration on a modern piece of wardrobe, what would it be?

Costume Lessons Learned

As a kid I was not allowed to celebrate the “devil’s holiday” that is Halloween, but as an adult I can do what I want and celebrate “the day to dress up as someone else for fun and get a sugar high” that is Halloween.

I only just started over the past three years to wear costumes because I had an actual party to go to. Two years ago I was a flapper girl and I learned from that costume to always check an itty bitty dress for a side zipper before you struggle into it (feeling like a stuffed sausage in the process), and don’t be surprised if your “fake bob” that you pinned up with your long hair falls down half way through the night. (Damn fine hair!)

Last year I went as a pre-games Katniss.  I had no issues with that costume, because it was easy and comfortable. However, I did learn that if you just bought a new DSLR, don’t let your husband take your picture.  I took everyone else’s picture that night using the “auto” feature because I had not had time to learn how to use it properly (and…what do ya know? They turned out perfect!).   McGuyver decided to play with the settings while taking my picture so only one came out good (and I was sitting down).  Honestly the only reason it came out good was because I was showing an ample amount of cleavage and the man was focused!

Laaaaaast night’s costume was a study in torture.  The majority of the costume was borrowed from a friend, including the corset. I’ve never worn a real corset with strings, and “oh my gawd!” I should not have told my husband to lace me up as tight as he could.  I couldn’t breath for the first half hour and my ribs ached the entire 6 hours I wore it.  (I learned to really value being able to breathe easily!)

I also made sure I got a good picture, because hey….if you are going to suffer for a costume it better be documented! I also realized that I take better pictures with heavy make-up, which is not something I’m thrilled with.  Most pictures in artificial lights wash me out terribly, but apparently if I put on enough make up to make a drag queen proud I don’t look half bad.

So, there you go, friends.  Lessons learned! I’m just glad that they were not of the wardrobe malfunction variety!

A Nerdy Accessory Turns Chic.

I’m not going to lie, I am completely thrilled with the fact that glasses, over the past few years, have become “fashionable” to wear again. Even though I would love to get laser surgery on my eyes and I do normally wear contacts its nice to have the option of giving my eyes a rest with a pair of glasses.

Of course, when I got my first pair of glasses in 5th grade, it was not cool, and there was no way around it. You were promptly labeled “four eyes” and this just added another target on your back. (I had several that included braces, a very unflattering pixie cut, and Goodwill clothes that my step-mom made me wear.)

In high school I even went as far as doing without glasses and being blind until I could finally convince my mom to let me get contacts. (Oh the stories I could tell of talking to a guy I thought was cute until he go A LOT closer!!)

I honestly don’t think glasses became cool until the past year or so where it seems everyone wears them (although they are always the same thick black frames shaped like Ray Bans). When my puppy ate my old pair a few weeks ago I was bummed because I liked the ones that I had had for six years, but was kind of excited to find new ones. Shopping for glasses has gotten so much easier too, because there are more options which is important for someone like me with a pea sized head. I can only wear kid sized glasses and I don’t wan’t Hello Kitty or Barbie frames.
The ones in the picture are my new ones and fortunately only have a tiny frog on the side of the earpieces to indicate their target audience.

Overall, thanks to larger online retailers that will actually ship glasses to you to try on at home, shopping for glasses is no longer a nightmare. Also, I can let my nerd side show a little more now without the stigma of the “four eyes” label. (I’m still baffled at how being smart can be used as an insult, but ok…)

Can you guys think of any other accessories that people used to be made fun of, but are now considered cool or fashionable?

Fall/Winter 2013-The Royals

Fall/Winter 2013-The Royals
I found a couple of boards on Pinterest recently that had showed several different color trend boards for Fall/Winter 2013. This particular board was a mixture of earth tones and colors from the red/blue family, ie purple. I call it the Royals because reds, blues, and purples are usually associated with royalty. I would certainly feel like one wearing this outfit! I think my favorite piece has to be the white shirt.  It’s shape almost like a man’s shirt and gives the outfit a sense of relaxed sexiness.